Can you dismiss an employee while they are on leave?


Most HR professionals know that disciplinary procedures need to be fair and reasonable – but is this ever possible when an employee is on leave? Aside from the moral issues, is it ever legally acceptable to terminate someone who is on leave?

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Emotion: The forgotten factor in learning


People learn more effectively and seek to take ideas further when positive emotion is linked to the learning outcomes, said Dr John Munro, Melbourne University’s head of exceptional learning and gifted education.

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HR increasingly trained in domestic violence management


Last week, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) released data that revealed around a third of major private sector employers have a strategy in place to support employees experiencing family or domestic violence.

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How to Avoid a ‘Secret Resistance’ during Change Management


Bestselling Business Aurthors Jim Kouzes, Barry Posner and Michael Bunting outlined why failing to lead by example can be an organisation’s downfall.

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Which industry is working the most overtime?


According to the Bureau of Statistics, Australians are working more than the official statistic that claims people in full-time jobs spend 38 hours in the office each week.

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Should all employees be encouraged to chase leadership?


Employers should abandon their attempts to encourage all employees to become leaders, and instead teach them to be follower, according to one expert.

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Opinion: Are your employees passing the blame?


Bruce Tulgan, CEO of Rainmaker Thinking, shares his insight on ‘personal responsibility’ in the workplace.

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8 Rules Of Public Speaking


Powerful communication is no longer the formalized ritual it used to be, with a speaker addressing an audience for an extended period of time with prepared remarks.

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Cafe Etiquette for Every Professional


Today business meetings are held in cafes all over the city and the café environment has become an important part of any professional persons image.

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Australia – Wage growth hits record low


Figures released yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that wages grew by a record low

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Proposal for Employment Services Industry Code [ESIC]


Did you know that Recruitment and Consulting Services Association [RCSA,] has released for public consultation a proposal for an Employment Services Industry Code [ESIC] that would, for the first time, provide a single national framework for the regulation of employment services [temporary and permanent,] in Australia. 

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2016 Graduate Program Positions are now open with many Employers.


If you are completing your degree this year and are interested in a Graduate Program role, now is the time to start searching for these highly competitive and exciting opportunities.

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The 5 most difficult employees in the office (and how to deal with them)


Are toxic employees poisoning your business and working environment? This helpful infographic shows five of the most toxic types of employees that exist, and how to keep their problems from affecting you and your colleagues. 

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