Legal Recruitment Testimonials 

"Wendy is the most professional and approachable recruiter I have encountered so far. I appreciate that fact that she invests a substantive amount of time and energy in getting to know her interstate candidate (me) via telephone, preparing my resume for me and coaching me on interview skills. Through this exercise, I've learnt how to show my potential employers who I am and what I can contribute to the firm with absolute ease and clarity. I am able to apply all the information and skills I've learnt from Wendy to obtained my current position. In a quiet market like this, only proven skills stand out. Wendy, you are one of those who have proven skills and talents, and thank you again for your service! You are indeed a V8 super racer!"


"My new job is going really well – I enjoy going to work each day and I do my work with alacrity – so I guess that says it all. If I didn’t like/trust/feel right with you I would not have agreed to the next step of going to an interview so I owe you thanks for this job."


"Wendy couldn't have been more professional and helpful in helping me with my job hunt.  She made sure I was ready for anything and everything the interview process might throw at me and given her experience was able to give me valuable insight into the firm that I am now working for.  My experience with recruiters is that younger lawyers tend to get forgotten, but this was not the case with Wendy, who was on the ball and extremely helpful."

Dust Diseases Solicitor

Overall this role has been probably the single best move in my career so far, so thank you again for your help.

Compliance Manager

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