At CityWide Talent our emphasis is on forming long term partnerships we "Partner for Success!" between employers and job seekers who will become new employees. We explore goals, expectations and cultural fit on each side to ensure you will be able to select from job seekers who we truly believe will add value to your organisation.

We won’t send unsolicited CVs; nor do we undertake marketing calls. We allow our experience and success to speak for itself.

All our candidates are thoroughly screened in person, [unless this is not possible and we notify you of this]. While we don’t guarantee we will have the right candidate for every role, we do guarantee we will make the best of our extensive candidate pool, electronic matching system and industry connections to ensure your vacancies are our priority.

We also offer additional services such as Psychometric Testing and various background checks. [Fees will apply for these services.]

Please Contact Us if you have a recruitment need.

Recruitment Partnering

Unlike other recruiters, we also offer a Recruitment Partnering service. This is often useful when bulk recruitment is necessary due to a rapid increase in your business or when you wish to have a third party undertake recruiting on your behalf, but for it to appear as though you are conducting this recruitment.

Why Choose Us?

  • We listen to our employers’ needs and will only refer suitable candidates; we don’t send CVs simply to meet notional KPIs
  • We meet with and thoroughly screen all candidates
  • We don’t guarantee that we will be able to find a candidate for every available role
  • We keep employers updated on our progress
  • We never advertise to increase our database – all our advertised positions are real roles
  • We pride ourselves on our ethics and professionalism
  • We respect our employers and won’t call them unless we have something worthwhile to say
  • We value quality over quantity and won’t flood your inbox with resumes and CVs from candidates who don’t meet your requirements
  • We won’t waste your time

Why We’re Different

Our consultants come to us with senior-level experience in their areas of specialisation, and are highly professional and ethical recruiters. Most hold tertiary qualifications.  

We won’t push people into inappropriate roles to meet KPIs, bombard employers with marketing calls, or advise you to hire staff with inadequate knowledge of local job markets. We’re here because we genuinely love the sectors across which we recruit, and want to continue to provide them with quality employees. We also maintain market connections that provide invaluable insight when sourcing candidates, rather than relying solely on advertising.

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CityWide Talent

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