Recruitment Partnering

Sometimes it isn’t viable for a business to have a Human Resources Department. However we can assist you with your recruitment needs with our Recruitment Business Partnership.

If we partner with you, we will act as your internal recruitment staff. This means that we would advertise using your company logo and interview internal and external candidates on site without causing disruption to your business. Alternatively, interviews can be conducted in one of our offices. We are happy to act as your in-house recruiters either recommending you hire staff or, if you prefer, recommending that you interview candidates so you can make the final decision; whatever you prefer.

Unless specifically advised, everyone is interviewed personally at length and their suitability for the role is carefully assessed. If applicable, psychometric and other testing can be arranged. [Additional fees apply.]

We can also conduct bulk recruiting, should you require multiple applicants to start simultaneously.

We offer several payment options. Recruitment Partnering can also be financially advantageous, proving to be far less expensive than undertaking ad hoc recruitment.

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