This is the humblebrag that could sink you


The humblebrag. We all do it. But there's one situation where you shouldn't even bother trying.

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Make Your Life Better by Saying Thank You in These 7 Situations


Let’s cover 7 common situations when we say all sorts of things, but should say “Thank You” instead. 

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The Magic of the Telephone


Winning at Work: Pick up the Phone!

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Fun Fact: Taking Naps at Work Will Make You More Productive


'My tendency to avoid taking a break when I need to, in a valiant effort to get more done, is actually making me less efficient'.

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Why so many people lie about their training history


It's relatively common for workers to lie about their training history when they are applying for a job, according to a new survey.
In fact, 54% of respondents admitted that they had been dishonest to a potential employer when they were applying for a job.

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Former Colleagues Are More Valuable than You Think


If you’re making plans for a job change in 2016, make sure you’ve got a plan in place to keep your relationships at your old employer intact even after you’ve started somewhere else.

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Job-Hoppers Aren't Just Better Workers - They Also Make More Money


Remember when changing jobs every couple of years was viewed as problematic? How would you explain having three roles at three different companies in a span of seven or eight years? How would you address the unstable nature of your job history?

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Mature age workers to get free career check-up


A free career advisory service helping mature workers plan for the next stage of their careers was launched this week.

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